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  Psychosexual Therapy What is this service?  
PSYCHOSEXUAL THERAPY for Men who have sex with other Men, based in Bedfordshire




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  Trained staff provide this Psychosexual Service:

The service aims to help clients with sexual and relationship difficulties. Trained staff will work with you to look at the problems you are having. These may be physical, psychological or a mixture of the two. There will be no physical examinations or the prescribing of medication. If this is required there may be a need to involve your GP.

At first the therapist will assess your specific needs. They will want to hear about your reasons as to why you are accessing this service. They will explore with you some of your feelings and emotions around your reasons.

At the end of this discussion, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, a plan for your future therapy will be discussed with you.

This may involve further appointments with this service, a referral to another specialist or back to your referrer. If you decide to continue to attend this service, you will be advised of the options available to you.






Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

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